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Let’s Get Building – NFA brainstorm session

11am to 3pm, MWB Victoria, London

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Let’s Get Building – NFA brainstorm session
Date and location
20 September 2012 at MWB Victoria, London
Sponsoring organisation
National Federation of ALMOs
Contact person
Chloe Fletcher
Contact email
Contact telephone
Mobile: 07526 171033

About the event

The NFA is working on a new report arguing the case for an economic stimulus using investment in local authority and ALMO new build. It will also argue the case for changing the fiscal rules to facilitate borrowing above the HRA borrowing ‘caps’. This work builds upon the NFA submission to the CLG committee inquiry into the financing of new housing supply, which argued that ALMOs should be allowed to build more new homes and suggested that the government recognises that council housing is a trading activity and that its borrowing need no longer count towards the main measure of government debt. Given the government’s interest in the housing sector as a vehicle to boost the economy as well as produce more homes, we feel that now is the time to push again for the government to allow councils and ALMOs to borrow prudently to build more new homes. We are working closely with colleagues at the LGA, CIH and ARCH to develop a sectorwide lobbying campaign. As part of this work the NFA will hold a brainstorming session.

Who should attend

Attendance is free of charge by invitation

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