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ALMO Chief Executives Seminar

10.30 - 2.30pm

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ALMO Chief Executives Seminar
Date and location
23 February 2021 at Via Webex
Sponsoring organisation
National Federation of ALMOs
Contact person
Alli Ward
Contact email
Contact telephone
024 7647 2729

About the event

This is a special one day event for all ALMO Chief Executives.ves

Benefits of attending

Discuss what the new consumer regulation will look like in the ALMO world and help promote good practice across the country. It will also give you an opportunity ahead of the HouseMark Chief Officers conference in March a chance to discuss these issues in an ALMO only space and agree on key issues for the sector ahead of a wider local authority discussion. You'll hear from the Regulator to speak as well as a Housing Association CEO who has recently had an IDA to share their experience and thoughts. We will be able to explore some of the trickier issues for ALMOs thrown up by the new framework and discuss the best way forward. We will also share with you the results of our Annual ALMO survey on the day and draw together some of the existing work in the sector on regulation and ALMO and council relationships for everyone to consider and learn from.

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