NFA core values and services

NFA Core Values and Services

The National Federation of ALMOs Ltd (NFA) is the trade body which represents all arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) across England.

The NFA represents all 26 ALMOs across the country, which manage 329,242 properties.

The NFA was established in 2003 to represent the interests of ALMOs at the national level, lobbying and negotiating with central government on their behalf. ALMOs themselves were first established as not-for-profit companies in 2002 to manage council housing on behalf of their local authority and to help deliver the Government’s Decent Homes Programme, aimed at improving housing conditions in council housing.

The NFA Core Values are:

  •          Members of the NFA will aspire to provide excellent value for money and customer-led services for residents in partnership with their local councils.
  •          Members will seek to develop innovation and continuous improvement in providing, managing and maintaining affordable homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.
  •         Members will be open and accountable organisations that actively promote equality and social cohesion.
  •          Members will remain rooted in their local community and will work in partnership with others to help deliver locally determined priorities.
  •         Members will share good practice and help support other members of the NFA.

The NFA Services are:

  •          Advice, support and information service for members
  •          High level policy lobbying and negotiating to further the agenda for ALMOs and ensure the ALMO voice is heard
  •         Promotion of the ALMO model both within the sector and externally
  •          Provision of meetings to enable networking, discussion, policy briefings and training
  •         Communications services, including maintaining the website, twitter, yammer discussion groups
  •          Monthly policy updates
  •          Good practice briefings, seminars, roundtables and one-day events
  •          Publication of NFA reports on key topics, including house building, welfare reform and health and housing.

The NFA is governed by a Board of nine ALMOs elected by members across the four regions (Northern, Midlands, South West, London & Southern). They are supported by an executive steering group (ESG) of chief officers elected from each of the four chief officer regional groups.

A managing agent is employed to manage the NFA contract, providing employment and other administrative services. In 2017, HouseMark took over the contract to become the NFA Managing Agent. Although the NFA does not employ staff directly or maintain assets, it is a limited company with its own accounts and auditors independent of the managing agent.

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