NFA core values and services

The National Federation of ALMOs Ltd (NFA) is the trade body which represents all arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) across the UK. The NFA represents the interests of ALMOs at the national level, lobbying and negotiating with central government on their behalf. In addition to this the NFA runs a website, organises events and regional meetings for its members and provides advice and briefings. After a widespread organisational and structural review, a new constitutional framework was agreed upon in the 2008 annual general meeting. This resulted in the NFA becoming a limited company in December 2008. The aims and objectives of the NFA are specified in the Memorandum of Association. 


·   Members of the NFA aspire to provide excellent, value for money and customer-led services for residents in partnership with their local councils.

·   Members will seek to develop innovation and continuous improvement in providing, managing and maintaining affordable homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.

·   Members will be open and accountable organisations that actively promote equality and social cohesion.

·   Members will remain rooted in their local community and will work in partnership with others to help deliver locally determined priorities.

·   Members will share good practice and help support other members of the NFA.

The NFA was established in 2003 when there were less than 20 members. It appointed Housing Quality Network (HQN) to run the service led by a steering group of chief officers from ALMOs. In 2004 the NFA held its first annual conference and elected the first NFA board. Since then the sector has expanded. As it grew the NFA governance changed to ensure that the NFA is overseen by a Board of nine ALMOs elected by members across the four regions (Northern, Midlands, South West, London & Southern). 

At present, there are a total of 33 members across the four regions managing 452,275 council homes over 36 local authorities.

Elections for the NFA Board take place every two years. The Board meets three times a year and is supported by an executive steering group (ESG) of chief officers elected from each of the four chief officer regional groups and by a Communications Sub-committee made up of representatives from the Board, ESG and national communications officers groups.

A further review was carried out by the NFA in 2007 on the benefits of contracting out versus direct employment. From the review it was decided to appoint a managing agent to employ staff instead of direct employment. In 2007 a service level agreement was signed between HQN and NFA and HQN were reappointed as the managing agent consecutively until 2013.

In 2013 CIH Consult won the contract to become the NFA Managing Agent from May 2013 to May 2016, with an option for a two year extension. CIH Consult sub-contract the Public Affairs Company (PAC) to deliver the parliamentary element of the service. Although the NFA does not employ staff directly or maintain assets it is now a limited company and handles its own accounts and auditors independent of the managing agent and board members indemnity insurance. 

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