Policy Updates

In addition to lobbying central government and producing regular briefings for MPs the NFA has established a successful All Party Parliamentary Group on ALMO issues and provides a parliamentary monitoring service keeping ALMOs updated on relevant issues.

  • Right to Buy sales increase by 15% on last year

    24 February 2015
  • CIH calls on rural communities to be exempt from Right to Buy; Parliamentary Activity

    24 February 2015
  • Report calls on rural local authorities to be able to suspend Right to Buy

    23 February 2015
  • Elphicke calls for reforms to Right to Acquire and Right to Buy

    19 February 2015
  • One council house is built to replace every 21 sold to tenants

    19 February 2015
  • Tory MP advocates expanding Right to Buy; DCLG announces £6m fund for communities

    18 February 2015
  • National roll out of Universal Credit begins; Survey shows that claimants find UC easier to understand

    16 February 2015
  • Tory manifesto plans to give free council homes for coming off benefits

    12 February 2015
  • Northern Ireland confirms direct payment to landlords; Right to buy stock to be replaced within 3 years

    11 February 2015
  • Removal of spare room subsidy is saving around £1 billion

    10 February 2015
  • DCLG launches social housing mobility funding scheme

    06 February 2015
  • Lib Dem MP proposes bill to allow councils to outlaw Right to Buy

    05 February 2015
  • London boroughs receive £145million for Decent Homes Fund

    04 February 2015
  • ALMOs to be notified when tenants apply for Universal Credit from 16th February

    03 February 2015
  • Government review ‘ignored elephant in the room’

    29 January 2015
  • Review calls for councils to be at the heart of building more homes; Government responds to Elphicke-House Review; £250,000 fund to help tenant engagement; UK Statistics Authority to Probe Housing Survey Changes

    28 January 2015
  • Number affected by spare room subsidy has fallen by 75,000

    27 January 2015
  • Over 506,000 new homes built since 2010

    22 January 2015
  • 4,795 homes replace those sold under Right to Buy

    19 January 2015
  • Majority of people on housing waiting lists are white British; Green party announce lead on Housing

    16 January 2015
  • Treasury claims almost a quarter of Right to Buy receipts; Parliamentary Activity

    09 January 2015
  • DCLG appoints new Permanent Secretary

    08 January 2015
  • Next Parliament will see more new affordable homes

    07 January 2015
  • Removal of spare room subsidy set to save £500 million in 2014-15

    06 January 2015
  • Government announces second wave of extra borrowing for council housing

    23 December 2014